The daily, weekly and yearly rhythms of Singing Stones provide a welcome security for the young child. The predictability of knowing “what comes next” allows children to relax and be fully present in the moment. The daily schedule and weekly patterns of meaningful work such as washing, ironing, grinding grain, and baking bread provide a comforting sense of time and structure.



Grades children arrive and are free to play while supervised in our open space until their teacher rings their class' bell. Children then line up eagerly and patiently to be personally greeted by their teacher with a handshake. 

Class begins with the recitation of their Morning Verse often followed by a seasonal song that supports their current lesson block. Children are then led in a seasonal Circle that includes songs, poetry, and movement. The class then is guided through their daily music lesson. 

Main Lesson is taught with the freedom for the teacher to meet the needs of the class and students individually. Movement, music, art, and time in Nature are often part of this block period. Children will create and develop their own text books complete with lively illustrations. Each subject has its own Main Lesson book, and is taught in great depth over the course of several weeks before moving onto the next subject. Daily academics include Mental Math and Language Arts regardless of the block being taught.

A lunch with much time spent outdoors in our open space is an enjoyed out-breath.

Specialty classes, depending upon the grade, round out the daily rhythm to include Eurythmy, Games, Music, Painting, Handwork, Foreign Languages, Biodynamic Gardening, Woodworking, and Sculpture.

The day is ended with the class' Closing Verse, song, and dismissal.